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Why the hell does the poll offer only 10 options?!?!?

I had to pick ten so I skipped those that are praised here (Lay Your Hands On Me, I Believe etc..) and kept those that might get some votes.

You may wonder why Hey God is there. It's because it got me confused when I was little. After I had discovered Bon Jovi I used to visit the only music mall in my city where it was possible to listen to tge CDs before you bought them. I used to spend a lot of time there just listening I collected my pocket money to be able to buy CD after CD. So I had to pick carefully. When I played These Days, I thought that the album is too heavy for me and I never got further than Hey God so it was one of the last albums I bought and I was really surprised that it's full of ballads and slow songs. I couldn't into it for a long time.

Even though Burning Bridges is rather a compilation of previously written songs (recorded and produced at once, so not a compilation album as such. Many bands would release it as their normal album) I put A Teardrop To The Sea there because it's not usual to start with a slow song and a bit dark one. So some might vote this one. I love it maybe if These Days started with Something To Believe In it's introduce the album better for me back then
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