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Because We Can is the worst single and worst opener of an Album.

But I don't like how Lost Highway starts either, the song is ok, but it's not a great opener, neither for the album nor for the shows. Even though We Got It Going On isn't a great song, I feel like it's a perfect song to open an album.

Limitless is not a terrible opener, in fact if Beautiful Drug didn't exist, Limitless would be my opener choice ... but I agree with you that Beautiful Drug does it better.

The Circle, my favorite post2000 album, could have opened with WWWB and then We Werent Born To Follow as track2.

The order of the first three songs on Burning Bridges is perfect for me.

Apart from this, an alternative to Hey God could have been All I want is Everything, especially in live shows. And Last Man Standing would have worked very well as an opener from Album.
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