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Originally Posted by bjcrazycpa View Post
For me, although my birthday lol it is STILL the worst show for me. Happened on August 21, 2005 at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt Pleasant, Michigan. The show was expected to be short as it was before HAND was released and more or less some sort of favor Jon was probably paying back but it was really short, 14 songs, and the band was completely hung over (aside from Tico I'm guessing) after partying down in Milwaukee post the Miller Park gig the night before. Everyone was like a statue and it was a make shfit venue outside of the parking deck. The whole thing was a mess!
Funny you mention the Miller Park show, I was there. It was also my least favorite Bon Jovi show. I remember reading that although it was a free show, they promised to do at least 20 songs but they only did 15 or 16. Completely vanilla set, which was expected, it was a free show after all.
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