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Default These Days

These Days is a brilliant album. The song is a little overrated, but still, it's pretty darned good. The lyrics in this entire album are fan-****ing-tastic. There is such raw emotion in those songs. It sounds like he actually sat down and really thought about these songs, and wrote these beautiful, perfect lyrics, and come up with this amazing album which most everyone here can agree is a ****ing masterpiece.

I think These Days is a masterpiece not because of the songs, but because of the lyrics. You'd be hard pressed to find an album like this one with lyrics to rival it. It's just that good.

Fast forward 15 or so years and we have nothing but garbage. The song lyrics they've come up with today sound like they took about two minutes to write, and were written by JBJ's little kids, not him and Richie.

I won't include Captain Crash in this, as this song is clearly meant to be fun, so the silly lyrics are expected. It's when they try a serious song and have the most ridiculous lyrics, you wonder what the hell they were thinking.

No Apologies is a good one for me. I hate that song. I hate the first three lines: "Just another white trash, train track kid, fighting for survival, trying not to do like his daddy did".

How retarded do you need to be to write such shit like that, I dunno. Everytime I hear that song I piss myself laughing. I can't imagine Jon keeping a straight face singing that one. The rest of the song is okay, it's just the first few lines **** it up.

The Circle has some great lyrics in many of the songs, but nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever come close to rivaling the brilliance that is These Days.

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