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This Left Feels... Right? Maybe?

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Old 05-18-2023, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by JerseyGiant View Post
Nah mostly crap for me - Should have just been a decent acoustic album ... Just like how One Wild Night Live should have been the greatest live album ... Alas more crap and another missed opportunity.
One Wild Night Live, what a disgrace. Bon Jovi, 120+ million albums sold, played live to 35+ million fans, 2 year global tours. How does the band have such a shit history of official live output. Other bands of Bon Jovi's history have so many outstanding official live releases.
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Old 05-23-2023, 08:34 PM
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Given how poor/disjointed/random the live album was, it would have probably been a better package if TLFR had come along with OWN...likely today, but more money for separate releases would have no doubt been demanded back then!

As a separate album, I've barely listened to it and certainly not since then, but this thread has inspired me to dig it out! Hey - it's really okay. It makes sense in its own way. It's a complete album at least. I think the arrangements are really decent, and I think it's quite contemporary, even now...certainly more than anything for a decade! Most of the songs take on a different feel altogether, so with repeated listens, you could actually think of them that way. That's an achievement - rather than you just hearing them as slowed down/acoustic/with strings etc.

I reckon it suffered for being released at that time - probably too early and when there was too much other material being released by the band. Most of that over abundance of material 2000-2005 was also nostalgic and looking backwards really, so this got overlooked.

I don't think much of IBTFY (and to a lesser extent Always) - fairly pointless, but seeing as the project was billed as Greatest Hits With A Twist, needed to be included, they probably saw it.

Thanks for pointing me back at it again!
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Old 05-26-2023, 09:07 AM
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It is no bad album at all. From a musical standpoint it is a great effort.
But it's always a bad idea to mess around with songs people know and love. To me there's no point in doing that.
So if they did that kind of arrangements with new written songs, it could have been a masterpiece. The way it is, people need to get used to it and accept it at best. But none of those songs will ever gain the status and the love the originals have.
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Old 05-29-2023, 10:10 PM
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Default This Left Feels... Right? Maybe?

It was a great idea done wrong.

They have been proved themselves able to rework their songs (I really enjoy Blaze of Glory 2005 or We donít run 2022 - not to mention Last man standing or what they had done previously to Iíd die for you, BTBMB or Prayer), but most of these sound like elevator music (notable exceptions: Bad name and Itís my life).

Also, it features Jonís voice at its then-known worst (at least until 2013).

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