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The nostalgia works for me so When We Were Us is the best one for me. Sounding the most as Bon Jovi. Unfortunately to an extent of sounding too much like something they did earlier.

Wall is too much trying to sound like something current. Well why not, it's not a go to song for me but for any variety of an album, let's have such songs there, release it as a single even with a little chance to appeal to the general audience and pop radios. But then, let's have a more classical sounding single as well

Unbroken is a bonus track type of song - actually what really should be a bonus track not like in BJ world where the bonus tracks are usually the best ones
I don't mind it, on the other hand I haven't listened to it since last Friday when it was released.
To follow on the thought from my previous paragraph - let's have such songs on albums too. It's boring when all the songs sound the same. Variaty is needed. That's why I kinda like RSO's album because there are very different songs (I'd just remove her )
That's why I also think that it was possible to make a more interesting mix of songs to make the main THINFS album. I know that probably nobody bought the standard version of 12 tracks but still, out of those 19 songs (plus a few from BB such as Teardrop To The Sea and those who are probably from 2014-16 sessions) you can make more variable and interesting mix.
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Aldo Nova - Bright Lights
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