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Originally Posted by Johny View Post
That's why I also think that it was possible to make a more interesting mix of songs to make the main THINFS album. I know that probably nobody bought the standard version of 12 tracks but still, out of those 19 songs (plus a few from BB such as Teardrop To The Sea and those who are probably from 2014-16 sessions) you can make more variable and interesting mix.
I think others have stated such a thing before as well and I agree. Though I gotta say that if I did a mix of the tracks from the BB/THINFS era, probably less then 1/3 of the final tracklist would actually be from the real THINFS album since the best ones have been put onto BB or sidelined to the bonus track status.
That's a bit of my problem with the releases of the last decade. There's always something remotely interesting there, but as soon as it's not a safe middle-of-the-road-doesn't harm anyone track, it gets put aside. That's why so many tracks from 2013 to now are interchangeable.
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