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Originally Posted by Johny View Post
The nostalgia works for me so When We Were Us is the best one for me. Sounding the most as Bon Jovi...
I'm a sucker for nostalgia, too, Johny; and I liked "When We Were Us" the first time I heard it. But at the Hall of Fame, as soon as Richie stepped up to share the mic with Jon, it became one of my very favorite Bon Jovi songs. In that moment, the lyrics came to life; because Bon Jovi was more "Us", and more like Bon Jovi, than they had been in a long, long time. Still makes me sappy. And happy.

I like Walls, too, despite the political backdrop. Probably because there's a personal application in it as well, thanks to the bridge.

Unfortunately, I still haven't found anything good to say about Unbroken.

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