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Originally Posted by WhamATC View Post
I am kinda sure one exists for Minden. The only ones I've heard from Minden 1993 is I'll Sleep and ITA. To save your time.. ITA there was pretty good, I'll Sleep had some different ad-libs in the beginning instead of the usual Oh Yeah and Woh Yeah.
Yeah, but that's not uncirculated. It's just not on Youtube in full.

As far as your question goes, there probably are either video or audio recordings of pretty much every show since the late 80's. With attendances spanning between 15,000 and 80,000, it's highly unlikely that not a single person had audio or video recording gear sneaked in. But I guess we only have knowledge of about (at best) 10% of what exists around the world.
I do know about 2 shows from the New Jersey tour that were filmed, but never went into trading circles. Both from March '89, one from Jon's birthday and wonderful recordings
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