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Old 08-22-2019, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Supersonic View Post
Aloha !

I was at a show during which Bad Medicine wasn't played.

Salaam Aleikum,
Amsterdam 2008? Damn, I would've given my left testicle to have been there and seen that show...
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Old 08-26-2019, 08:36 AM
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A couple of month's ago I heard The Last Night in the food court over the PA.

I drove all night down streets that wouldn't bend
But somehow they drove me back here once again...
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Old 08-26-2019, 12:47 PM
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About a year ago I remember hearing Superman Tonight on the radio. That station plays a few of Bon Jovi hits on a regular basis, so probably it just stayed on semi-rotation since 2009.

Another occasion, on the same station there is an evening segment where the host spends about 2-3 minutes explaining the meaning of the song by quoting the lyrics etc. and they picked When We Were Us and narrated it as this beautiful nostalgic song about simpler times. It was quite a recent single at the time, so it's less surprising, but to some extent it still is, when featured next to Ed Sheeran, Adele, etc. I made the assumption that the host must be a Bon Jovi fan to know the song in the first place.
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Old 09-01-2019, 05:24 AM
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Here in NZ we have a homewares store, called Smith's City. They had the entire keep the faith album playing one time. Another time, this is love, this is life. I go there regularly and them two times are the only times I havent heard either mumble rap or Taylor swift/1D type of songs playing.

On our local radio stations, we have quite a few bon jovi songs in rotation. LOAP, YGLABN, WDOA, BOG, IML, KTF, BM (sometimes) BWC, WDYG. As a country, I wouldn't say NZers are really into Bon Jovi, in comparison to Australia. Its nice to hear so many different songs!
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