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Originally Posted by Rdkopper View Post
Similar to the Box Set thread, I want one consolidated thread that captures all unheard songs by JBJ...

I'll start it off... Just weigh in and I'll continue to revise as we go...

Note: Even if we think a title turned into something else, lets still list it and then we could always put a note in off to the side... Lets not assume anything... For starters, it could be a totally different song and second, it could have a totally different sound like All In The Name Of Love turning into Staring Out A Window With A Suitcase In My Hand.... Or I'd Die For You... The thing is, if you sing the song with the old title, most don't fit so the songs must be very different...

The other thing is, even if we don't think that a Studio Recording exists, getting a soundboard recording of the song would be equally effective so lets continue to include those too...

Lastly, when Burning Bridges got release, a song list including Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning was posted... Can someone find that?

Danger Zone (I wonder if this was written for Top Gun?)
Afraid of the Night
Heart Of America

Slipper When Whet:
Notorious (Jon's version which is stated to be much different than Loverboys)
Deep Cuts The Knife
Too Much, Too Soon (Never Enough)
Game Of The Heart
Lonely Is The Night
Take Me All (Id Die For You)

New Jersey:
In America
Cadillac Man
We All Sleep Alone
Fighter For Love
Purple Rain (Cover)
So Close, So Far Away (Song they gave to Hall and Oates - did Jon demo it?)
Peace In Our Time (Is there a Jon only demo?)
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Keep The Faith
Revenge (Keep The Faith)
The Right To Walk Away (Bed Of Roses)
The Sole Truth

Only In My Dreams (Jon's vocal)

Destination Anywhere:
All In The Name Of Love (Staring At Your Window)

Sex Sells:
Shadow Dancing
Someday You'll Ride Wild Horses
Life's Too Short For Days Like These
Even Bad Times Are Good Times
Even In Your Imagination
Good Ain't Good Enough
Sex Sells
Forbidden Love

Mona Lisa
Bounce had a second Sad Song Night and a song called Alone

Keep the Faith had All Wound Up and Skin Deep

The Circle's pre-release torrent didn't list anything out of the ordinary other than it including This ain't love and Saturday Night..
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