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Here's that fake Burning Bridges tracklist that you mentioned in the first post of this thread:

“We Don’t Run”
“Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning” (The Circle)
“Mona Lisa” (Bounce)
“Nothing” (Have a Nice Day)
“Who Says You Can’t Go Home” (feat. Keith Urban) (Have a Nice Day)
“This Ain’t Love” (The Circle)
“State of Our Union” (What About Now)
“Shine” (What About Now)
“Times Like These” (What About Now)
“Beautiful Day” (Finding Neverland)
“Start Your Own Revolution (a.k.a. “Reunion”)
“This Is Our House” (Greatest Hits)
“I’m Giving Me to You” (What About Now)
“I’m On My Way” (The Circle)
“Second Chances” (The Circle)
“The Ghost of a Good Thing” (The Circle)

And here's the article that posted it:

I also remember coming across the title "I Watched Her Walk Away" from the Bounce sessions.
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