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Default What Next ?

As good as 2020 is an album, Jon has to admit it has flopped worldwide. 1st week sales around the world of around 60k is nothing short of woeful . Who's to blame ? poor choice of singles ( nothing new )... lack of promo ?....Jon getting involved in politics ? Or is it down to the fact they have simply lost their audience with the continued change of sound ?

Like I said 2020 is a great album from start to finish in my opinion , a fantastic collection of songs .

With them not touring this record at all now, should they go on to the next one, try n patch things up with Richie or should they call it a day ?

I hope its the former , cant really see Jon wanting to go out like this, surly he would want the final tour/album with the original 5 or at least Richie back by his side.!

Sod the trends, release a proper Rock album, the fans want it and see what happens. All bands have dips but jovi are in a deep hole and need to get out of it.
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