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Originally Posted by steel_horse75 View Post
Think you summed it up by saying ďsod the trendsĒ....but Jon cant.
2020 is decent in places but itís clearly not what Jovi fans want from Jovi.
This time the fans havenít bought it and because they canít ďsellĒ it with tickets the real numbers have been found out. The same terrible sales would have happened with THINFS as well.

Jonís paying the price for losing Richie, chasing trends and releasing music that fans donít associate Jovi with. You need to know what your fans want (see Ac/Dc who have just sold 62,000 copies in UK of power up) and BJ fans having been dropping off album by album.

The only thing that saves this band is a balls out rock album. Jon may not like the boy/girl songs but they are what he does best and the fans love most. Yes he can write about modern day stuff happening in the news but make it in the Hey God way.

Plus if a certain someone come back interest would be much higher. The partnership would be back and songs would be better.

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Donít think as a touring act the numbers will fall because they have a great body of music and are in the ď Classic Rock , legendary ď market . Maybe a bucket list gig for many , like mine is the stones who Iím a big fan of but can never get a ticket .

Jon doesnít want to be known as a nostalgia act but thatís where they are now in my eyes .... AC/DC are far more relevant than jovi ... because they have such a big hard core following and also I know of non rock fans buying new album on the back of ď shot in the dark ď ... it was all over radio , tv adverts , billboard posters etc . Not sure why jon has insisted of moving with the times to stay relevant when it clearly hasnít worked as the numbers drop with each record .

They know the money is in reunion tours , the fans want it , surly the promotors have it in their minds for 40th anniversary tour ... itís a no brained to me and Iím sure jon & Richie want it as well
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