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Originally Posted by Captain_jovi View Post
I honestly think Jon's voice doesn't have the power to do songs like that anymore. A lot of consider 2010/2011 to be some of the best Jon has been post Crush and he really struggled with Let it Rock live even then. Bringing Richie back isn't going to undo all of Jon's problems. His harmonies will make it a hell of a lot better though.
Not that we're talking about a real album here but despite Jon's limited vocal capabilities Jon can just use the 'studio tricks' he's been using on his vocals the last couple album releases.

Now back to reality I'm sure Jon will continue his normal album schedule despite the non-existent touring schedule. I mean the longer the band is off the road Jon can write and record demos for the next album. If he's even in that state of mind yet. Touring wise I'm sure the band will start touring again soon, there are few other acts that have scheduled shows for 2021, GnR being one of em'.
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