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Originally Posted by musiccritic101 View Post
I would have to agree, there wasn't much hit singles or chart topping albums even when Richie was onboard and if there was success it was somewhat minor meaning chart topping in different countries. Reunion touring is basically where all the money is at, I sure as hell would pay to see the original 5 members live in concert one last time.

But what I will say album-wise when Jon wrote and record pop oriented songs like Born To Follow or the travesty which is Because We Can, Richie's vocals and guitar work kinda made it bearable. If you were to hypothetically remove Richie's vocals and guitar work from Born To Follow you would end up with it sounding like LImitless.
I fully agree. There are a few songs that would have sounded pretty good with a guitar solo from Richie or some backing vocal. Probably they would sell more albums with Richie, but the amount of album Bon Jovi is selling is so low it for sure would be a financial net loss for Jon if he had to pay Richie.

In 2019 on the european leg the attendance was pretty good considering the state the band was in. I would also really like to see Richie back but I think that a lot of people go to a Bon Jovi concert just it is called Bon Jovi. They don't care about the guitar player. 50% would probably go to a Bon Jovi concert without Jon Bon Jovi. I am not so sure that the attendance would be so much better at a reunion tour.
I hope Jon does an reunion tour as long as Tico is able to perform. But Jon is a Businessman and if he doesn't gain something financially he won't do it.
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