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Originally Posted by richiefan95 View Post
In 2019 on the european leg the attendance was pretty good considering the state the band was in. I would also really like to see Richie back but I think that a lot of people go to a Bon Jovi concert just it is called Bon Jovi. They don't care about the guitar player. 50% would probably go to a Bon Jovi concert without Jon Bon Jovi. I am not so sure that the attendance would be so much better at a reunion tour.
I hope Jon does an reunion tour as long as Tico is able to perform. But Jon is a Businessman and if he doesn't gain something financially he won't do it.
Disagree. It's all about how it's marketed. Marketed as a big reunion tour and/or farewell tour would bring a lot of people back that have lost interest. Ticket sales were decent in 2019, but there were a lot of 2 for 1 offers going about for some shows, and compared to even 10/15 years ago they were not what they were...Jon needs something that will make a difference, and get people excited. Aside from this, I don't really see what else he has...

edit: above comments were about UK shows. Not sure about US ticket sales wise. I also think that we care more about the "band" over here than the US audience.
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