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Originally Posted by Thinny View Post
Disagree. It's all about how it's marketed. Marketed as a big reunion tour and/or farewell tour would bring a lot of people back that have lost interest. Ticket sales were decent in 2019, but there were a lot of 2 for 1 offers going about for some shows, and compared to even 10/15 years ago they were not what they were...Jon needs something that will make a difference, and get people excited. Aside from this, I don't really see what else he has...

edit: above comments were about UK shows. Not sure about US ticket sales wise. I also think that we care more about the "band" over here than the US audience.
I meant when you consider his voice, stage presence and that Richie wasn't there the sales in 2019 were decent under those circumstances. Sure that the numbers where way of from their prime.
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