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Old 05-21-2018, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by steel_horse75 View Post
They need to call it day. Thats next hopefully.
If thatís how you feel, shouldnít you call it a day in being a fan and not demand or insist that they should stop creating what they want to it stop bringing joy to the people who see them on tour?

When I get tired of a TV show and think itís gone in the wrong direction or lost whatever I liked about it in the first place, I stop watching. Same for musicians. It doesnít hurt me if the things I used to like keep going without me.

Also, I think Jon would retire before he did an anniversary tour.
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Old 05-22-2018, 07:41 PM
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Hope Jon takes time off and gets professional help to get his voice back to 2010 levels.

Isn't he embarrassed to go out on stage and fail to sing like he does now?
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Old Yesterday, 02:53 AM
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for art's sake... nothing would satisfy me more than seeing Jon call it a day. It may be selfish but it's honest.
I finally get why the KTF/these days/Crush period felt so exciting. up to that point (slippery, new jersey included), BJ really felt like a band. It's ironic, Bon Jovi has always been one of those bands where the majority of vanilla fans really believe it to be a solo act. That's always pissed the rest of us, right ?

Thing is, we all knew it WAS in fact, a band, even if, contractually, Jon was the CEO.

But let's move past the business side of things.
I was watching a video of the band winning some award back in 1995 and hell, they walked in and accepted that prize like a band. Oddly enough, I was watching a video of the band performing a short version of HAND back in 2004/05 with Shanks on rhythm guitar (this was probably before Bobby joined). Someone commented 'John Shanks ruined this band' - and to an extent, it's true.

I'm not blaming the guy. He is a hired gun, a very good musician, producer and engineer. I wish I were in his shoes ! - But from 2005 onwards, Richie and the guys really stepped down from their creative roles. Shanks became Jon's sidekick and that was that. Their sound changed dramatically and so did their dynamic.

Bounce was no by no means a great record (I felt, at the time, that it destroyed everything Crush had built up to that point) but it still felt like a band effort.
BJ were always a commercial/radio-friendly driven act but it never felt as polished and lifeless as it did up until the late 2000s.

Richie is not coming back folks and I think Jon is more interested in helping his boys becoming entrepreneurs and building houses than in making records that matter. Nothing wrong with that. If they step down now, they will do so in a blaze of glory (pun intended), considering they did one last performance with Richie and Alec on the night they received the award they've always deserved.

So, what's next ? I vote on calling it quits. But that's just me.
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Old Yesterday, 08:59 PM
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I really dont see a point in comparing past with present,if they can satisfy some minimum like a band it is ok for me,they are like band,playing wise,great for today standards in music,all old bands are,you can see that -metallica,maiden,guns,whitesnake,U2,foreigner,purp le,aerosmith etc.
Only problem is Jons voice,for someone is solid, for someone shot,but when you get the whole picture from the show it is not the most important thing to get good times and enjoy the show.
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