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Originally Posted by NicoRourke View Post
Iíve always liked the song, but the single version that was mixed differently. Iíve used it to replace the album version.
I liked the single version better too.

To me, I think it's a fine song, catchy and all. Not their best and certainly not their worst. It's not like the whole Bounce album had any strong singles really, so I think it's was an OK choice to be the second single.

I wasn't a fan at the time, but if I had to imagine at 2002 there were still a bunch of spandex heavy metal fans that were still attached to Bon Jovi that would have been very disappointed that their beloved band is "not a rock band anymore". I figure that if this song was released in 2019, it would be received much better by the fanbase (not by the general public), because of its general catchiness.
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