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Originally Posted by Captain_jovi View Post
Hm. If it was guaranteed we'd get hardcore fan set-lists and q and a's with actual questions, yeah, I would seriously consider it.
As the boat sailed out of Miami the band played an unmasked acoustic gig on the lido deck. They did two electric concerts in make up because the theatre only accommodates half of the people on board.The show which you cant attend is broadcast on big screens around the ship.There was also a Q n A with the band,Q n A with Doc McGee and various comps judged and participated in with the band.Besides KISS there were six or seven other bands on board including Night Ranger,Vintage Trouble and Leogun.Plus everyone on board got to have their photo taken with the band in make up or without.For those with kids under 16 there was also a meet n greet with the band.
It really was an amazing experience,the band are on board all the time and are approachable,its weird sitting down for breakfast and a member of your fave band is sat on the table next to you.
I know Jovi can still pull the crowds but I reckon a further five/ten years down the line they may consider doing a cruise.
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