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2018 European Tour rumors

Tour Discussion

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Europe is stadiums or nothing.

That being said, Europe is not going to happen this year.
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Originally Posted by Dave88 View Post
Europe is stadiums or nothing.

That being said, Europe is not going to happen this year.
If it's not going to happen this year, it won't happen at all. No way are the guys going to tour for more than two straight years in a row, especially as Jon's voice will probably have a really hard time holding up through full shows next year already (as far as my predictions go).

If they did an European tour in '19, it would most likely consist of several one-off gigs with no album/other release to support. And I think we all know what Jon thinks about a tour with no promotional purpose... it wouldn't make him the same amount of money as supporting an album while tour would, so no European tour next year (either) is my guess.

I guess we'll have to patiently wait for the next album (if Jon is able to sing live at all anymore by the time it comes out).

F*** you very much, Jonny. You'll now have to sing Hey God every night during the next leg to make me forgive you after this.

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I don't know if Europe will happen this fall. As it is, U2 have just announced a European Arena Tour for September-October. The dates are spread 4-5 between one another but this will change once the demand leads to multiple nights in the same venues. If Bon Jovi want to tour arenas around that time, they will face fierce competition ticketwise.
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