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Default Bon Jovi Ticket Sales

I am very genuinely surprised at how poorly ticket sales are doing. Now I understand it's only the first day of official sales, but for example - Look at the Little Rock Arkansas map. Only about 10% of the arena is sold!

But another question - the price points for seats at MSG have been fluctuating up and down over the last couple hours. At one point the same seat might be up to $50 more or less - and this isn't resale tickets - they're standard admission tickets. I bought floor tickets for night 1 during the presale for $169, but now floor tickets behind it are $199, but then an hour later they're $179 (which is still $10 over what I paid). I don't get it. That's the same with the $69 tickets. At one point they were 69, but then they went as high as $89. What gives?

Edit: now the floor tickets are $225?!

I'm trying to buy the cheapest tickets possible for night 2, but the $20 and $36 tickets aren't to be seen as well.
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