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Originally Posted by Faceman View Post
Hey everybody,

I guess most of us know Seb's bonjovi-archive with lots of information about all the different albums and especially tours.
When I became a fan 16 years ago, once I discovered his website it quickly became my website-to-go where I pretty much sucked up all the information I could get and what became the basis for all the knowledge I would gain about the band the years to come.

I think it was a server crash or something that destroyed parts of the database a couple of years ago and threw him back right after Richie's Undiscovered Soul run in 1998.

So I thought there needs to be a new site that contains information about the tours post 1998 as well.
In 2015 bonjovi90 and I started our own Bon Jovi touring website. Since Seb's website still is an awesome collection of information from the early tours onwards we decided to go the other way round. We started with the latest tours and make our way back to the beginnings.
Our signature here has the link already for a couple of months. But I guess now it's about time for a bigger shoutout.
Yesterday we put the Have A Nice Day tour online, so the timeframe from 2005 - 2019 is covered. This should be a lot of information for a first visit ;- )
And we're not gonna stop now - the rest will be added continuously (but it's a lot of work, so don't expect daily updates ;- )).

So for all of you who like to go back in time and to refresh some lovely memories, check out our website:

Feedback is always welcome - here, in our guestbook or via direct message. No matter if its critic, correction, additional information or just some kind words.

We hope you enjoy and have fun with this website - we surely have!

Rock on!
Sounds like a really cool idea, I'm assuming you're going to add in future tours too? Even if there's not much variation these days in the sets.
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