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Richie Sambora Leaves Bon Jovi Because He's Sick And Tired Of Jon's Flatulence During Shows

Wild is indeed the wind as Sugar Daddy star Richie Sambora has sensationally left Bon Jovi after front man Jon Bon Jovi reeked havoc on his senses during the bands current tour, leaving the guitarist with no other option than to leave the band.

An insider has revealed that Jon's singing wasn't the only bum notes he was delivering on the recent tour. "Jon has always been known to release the odd stinker in his time but on the latest tour he has been emitting more toxic gas than a nuclear reactor" Keen eyed fans will have noticed that bass player and badger enthusiast Hugh McDonald has moved further back on the stage on recent tours, many believe this has been a deliberate ploy to escape Jon's stench. Even Tico "tin tin" Torres has got in on the act by putting up a glass shield around his drum kit to ward off any wayward whiff. Richie had no way of getting away from the smell though and has grown increasingly tired of the band leaders callous pong.

A source close to the band claims that Richie broke down several times due to Jon's irksome condition. "Richie tried to deal with it, on a few shows he stuck mints up his nose but it didn't help, he realised after the bands recent break that he loved fresh air too much and decided to call it a day" The band are currently continuing their mammoth tour without Sambora, fans are said to be ambivalent about the current situation.

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