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Originally Posted by PanosBonJovi View Post
Same as well, and also to which countries cause for sure Romanians won't be many according to the data I track myself.

So far there are 4 road trips organized by 4 different organizers plus one by airplane. That means 5 full buses and at least 30-50 people on the plane one. 1 from Athens and 3 from Thessaloniki. Plus the plane trip from Athens as well.

Also, in Sofia there are people organizing another road trip to Bucharest for the show.

But it really makes sense, I mean when the seating tickets are so expensive, who's going to buy them after all. I'm pretty sure, they won't sell the expensive packages and they will be forced to give the merchandise/diamond experience packages on site the day of the concert on the people who will be first on site of the concert.

Can you estimate how many people will be? I'm thinking about 50k people
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