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Originally Posted by Javier View Post
This I'll say. Phil I think should finish off the tour, and I mean the entire tour. It would just seem so hypocritical of Sambongo to return mid tour like that without any reasonable explanation. Let X finish off the tour, then have a meeting with Sambo, settle whatever there is to settle and if and when Richie comes back, have him be 100% into it, no less....

The man can play. If Richie was playing this good, albeit with his own Richie style, people would be clamoring over him. There are certain aspects of Phil's style that don't mesh perfectly with the Bon Jovi sound, but I don't think they could find a better replacement, especially with those big shoes to fill.

And to top it all off, he is genuinely enjoying this opportunity. He's a good enough guy to not wish the worst (whatever the **** it is) upon Richie, but I imagine he was thrilled to have the chance of playing to stadiums of people. Who the hell wouldn't?
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