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Originally Posted by sweetmisery View Post
Yeah unexpected. They dont usually bring same artists on back to back RiR. Medina even said recently wont bring GN’R cuz they just played in 2017.

Anyway never been to RiR. How does it work? Everyone can get in the grounds morning to enjoy the activities? Or still a few hours before show like most concerts?
haha, I've never been in RiR too, but I know that the doors usually opens at 2pm. You can go and enjoy all the shows in "Sunset Stage" and the others activities. The main shows at "World Stage" starts at 7pm. The headliners normally begins around at midnight.

Some says that it's a good experience...I really don't know. The setlist will be pretty vanilla, but 100,000 people sing along together may be worth it.
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