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Originally Posted by Supersonic View Post
Aloha !

To be fair though; they also seem to be the only one capable of selling tickets over there. I tried buying Aerosmith and Guns N Roses tickets for shows in South America several years ago and it's very poorly organized with out of date websites and poor communication. I'm not a fan of LiveNation and the likes but if I had to chose I'd prefer them over anyone else over there.

Salaam Aleikum,
Web sites are a nightmare for residents, I can only imaging for foreigners...
Also it seems most of people here likes to buy tickets in person.

Originally Posted by sweetmisery View Post
Oh ok. So this year, you goin to RiR? Or just wait for Peru concerts if any?

Also, Backstage is worth it?
A concert in Peru? lol I don’t think so
I didn’t think about RiR yet

Do you mean the fan club?
‘cause I remember just having a wristband like everybody else in RiR, no VIP, no nothing, just a general wristband
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