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Default Star City Casino - Sydney Concert

I managed to get a ticket to Jovi concert at Star City Casino, Sydney last night. I know someone that knows someone lol

Anyways, the guys played in the theatre which holds 1400 people. It was a very energetic 75min set. Jon held nothing back and seemed to really want to impress the crowd of VIP and media people made up of Russell Crowe, Anthony LaPaglia, Bob Geldof, Kirsty Hinds and a who's who of other Australian celebrities.

The concert was put on by the Casino who are renovating. This was party of the launch celebrations.

I would have thought the crowd would have been subdued due to the nature of the A-List environment, but they rocked hard on their feet for most of the performance.

Only suprise was that Bob Geldof didnt get up and sing I dont like Mondays with them. I would have thought it was a given.

Jon came out in the encore wearing a South Sydney Rabbitohs jersey (Russell Crowes Rugby League team)

From what I remember the setlist was (order is almost correct);

1) Not Fade Away
2) Bad Name
3) Born to be my Baby
5) Pretty Woman
7) It's My Life
Have a Nice Day
9) Keep the Faith
10) Wanted Dead or Alive
11) Who Says
12) Prayer
13) Bad Medicine w/Shout
Well I can still remember, when I was just a kid, when friends were friends forever and what you said was what you did.....

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