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Default Star City Gig

Nice work getting in ticket Wouldn't of knocked back a chance to be there!

Shame Russell Crowe swayed goood sport Jon to wear that flattering Souths Jersey! lol, poor thing looks like 'where's wally'

Have to say though.....after seeing two BJ Concerts in the last few weeks, I would of killed to be there but after seeing the set list and some video....I am not so cut! Really just appeared to be a auto pilot edited version of a stadium show, same "this ain't television people' sayings, songs etc. I know I know the 'a list' punters would of loved it and Jon is energetic and charismatic as ever about mixing it up a little? I am worried I see hints of 'the fat elvis' in a hot bod. And surely he can pull something better out of his bag of tricks that SHOUT? He plays that on EVERY Aus tour for last 15 years. I don't know about anyon else but I am OVER hearing it and it's not even his song. (pretty woman a real refreshing winner though) they have soooo many awesome songs on latest Circle Album, would of been nice chance to play some new stuff like Loves the Only Rule, Superman with WWWB........surely less repetitive for him too, especially when he is plugging his three upcoming shows to the crowd?! No stadium footage so no need to work to the standard set list.

I don't want to seem negative, but after two concerts on a circle tour and only three songs from the album, was a bit disapointed (even though the shows rocked as always). Thank God he played IN THESE ARMS and DIAMIOND RING in Brisbane, otherwise I would be sending him to the local RSL rather than casino to play the old time best of hits on autocue!

Still love you BJ, but miss the old impromptu sets, intimate accoustic concerts and all those AMAZING songs you recorded that I listen to that never make the set list ;P. Not all night - just a handful or an different events

That's my wee gripe "Jon : "you with me out there" hehe.
Those of you off to Sydney, have a blast!

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