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Originally Posted by caramia View Post

Still love you BJ, but miss the old impromptu sets, intimate accoustic concerts and all those AMAZING songs you recorded that I listen to that never make the set list ;P. Not all night - just a handful or an different events
I am with you a 100% in this one. I miss the old Jovi, but as I am often reminded by my friends, that was yesterday and this is now. So as I often reply to them as well, it is because Jon wants, so what?

I have to be clear that at certain type of events, like this casino one, other promo type shows, and those that seem to be done because of a certain type of agreement, the autopilot show is what I expect. The audience is not even half way there, so whatever they get it will be good enough for them, specially is the shows are freebies.

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