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Aloha !

Bon Jovi in Gelsenkirchen 2008. First show of the European tour. A pretty good but standard show overall. Then Always got played while not being on the printed setlist. After Always Jon turned to auto pilot and zoned out making the show a rather boring experience.

Bon Jovi at New Meadowlands 2010 night #4. It was clear there was tension in the band and with every minor **** up Jon got his panties in a twist even more. Richie made several mistakes, Jon's vocals were flat and things got worse and worse. The bland setlist on top of Jon's nasal vocals with Richie getting stressed out over Adolf Jovi was awful to see. Karma eventually found its way with Jon straining a muscle during a song no one wanted to hear though. The odd thing is that in hindsight Jon's strained muscle turned him on but by then we'd already left the venue.

Bon Jovi at Twickenham 2008 was another one of those. Both shows were boring. They both look great on paper but I've seen many better shows with worse setlist. During the second show from the moment Jon came on stage it was clear it'd be more of the same. Then I Believe got played and he had to turn himself "on" for it. Once the show was done everything returned to the same.

Bon Jovi in Milan 2013. Main set was dreadful. No one could be arsed to do something even remotely special. When the crowd showed their banners Jon didn't move a muscle and the whole thing of "You're going to make a man cry" was cringe-worthy. The entire show I realized Bon Jovi without Richie were done because the one saving grace wasn't there anymore. Then the encore came and Jon made a 180 and delivered. It was clear the band were done but that was Jon trying to sell the band.

Salaam Aleikum,
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