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Default What do you find interesting about this list?

So I was mucking around on Setlist.Fm. It's pretty much the wikipedia of setlists so it's not the most reliable of sources BUT for these purposes I don't think it's that far off.

Taking a look at this: what surprises you? For me:

- Obviously it's skewed based on song release day but of the top played songs I'll Sleep When I'm Dead is 7th. SEVENTH!

- The most played album cut was Wild In The Streets at 784 and Blood on Blood at 766

- Get Ready is 22 on the list at 465.

- You can tell how infrequently the setlist is shaken up by looking at the drastic differences between the top 10 at between 800 and 1500 plays and the steady drop-off after that

- Welcome to Wherever You are only got played 35 times. Surprising considering the length of the HAND tour and it being brought back sporadically during the LH tour. Ditto for Bells of Freedom at 29 plays

- King of the Mountain was played more times than New Years Day
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