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Default Looking for company for the London show

YES, I the mighty hater, decided to see Bon Jovi in 2019. It will be 8 years since the last time and I thought why not use this chance to put this once great band out of my misery and try to have fun one last time.

That being said, I recently moved to London (studying masters here) and haven't found any friends who would be Bon Jovi fans (and I'm not gonna try to persuade any classmate to spend 100 or so for this performance).

I heard stories about JT community meet-ups during previous tours, not sure if it's still a thing or not? If so, I'd love to join and meet some of you in person for the first time finally! OR if there's anyone here in a similar position, let's group together, enjoy some food and beers and hopefully the show.

Let me know
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