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Smile Hi wassup?

Hi! Great forum you have here. Glad to have found it. I'm Finn from Belgium. I'm on various music forums (mostly hip-hop), always posting as Hal Incandenza.

Back in the eighties, in my childhood, I heard the major BJ hits on the radio. The first albums I bought were 'These Days' (a double disc version with 7 live songs, I think it was a European release - it's one with the bluish background cover) and the 'Cross Road' compilation. I still love those albums dearly.

The first in depth interview I ever saw with JBJ happened a few years before those purchases, on MTV in 1990 with Julie Brown.

I kind of lost track of BJ after 'Crush' but am now catching up with the later albums - right now I'm listening to the 'What about now', which I just got in the mail today.

I look forward to reading all of your posts and to schooling myself a bit on BJ.

To each and everyone of you : have a nice day!
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