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tbh gotta say I'm slightly disappointed with some of the BJ albums that came in the mail over the last few days since I joined.

I purchased 'Crush' again, which was the last album I bought back in the day, and I think it still holds up really well. Songs are very varied. Compared to 'The Circle', 'What About Now' and '2020' which I have been listening to for the first few times, by comparison, are a notch below 'Crush'. Some of those albums overall sound 'samey'. They probably require more listening.

From the post 2000 albums I've also got 'This House Is Not For Sale', 'Have A Nice Day', 'Bounce', 'Burning Bridges' and 'This Left Feels Right' coming in. I'm curious as to how they hold up to the older work.

I'll cop 'Lost Highway' too when the price drops a little.

The albums before 'Crush' (I purchased some of those again too recently) are all still classics.
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