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Old 08-07-2022, 06:50 PM
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Default This is me

Good morning or afternoon!

I apologize for not writing here first.

Here is John, a simple man with many family plans, but the last three years have been difficult for me. I have moved from success to living in my SUV for the past six months, praying for the day to arrive until I played an old TDK CD on which I had my favorite songs. (because I had to sell everything I owned, not just my music), I guess that "Nobody knows you when you're down and out" opened my eyes completely, so I drove some miles with what gas I had left and visited an old friend who recommended that I start all over, I walked into McDonald's, and one of the customers said: "son, I have a vacancy at my freight company. Please come in and let's discuss ... The interview was more of a biography session for me, in which we brought our stories together and the rest is still under construction. Upon receiving my check, the first thing I did was move from my old SUV to a temporary shelter provided by a local church, where I began to rebuild myself until disgrace struck me back. At that time, I had just purchased Gary Moore's best album, so you can imagine how devastated I felt, but I was fortunate enough to find a second-hand Bon Jovi 7 album collection on eBay. There are still many things I am struggling with on the road, but I am still trying to recover myself and get back everything I lost. It is no secret that I enjoy listening to the Blaze of Glory record, but I lost track of many things during the Bon Jovi tour. So I jumped back to this forum where I have been reading everything you guys have said, and I can tell how mad this place has become over time. As of right now, that is all I am able to say.
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