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Originally Posted by Dave 1986 View Post
I saw The Rise of Skywalker yesterday and, while I do have mixed feelings with it over all, I generally enjoyed myself. I went in with very low expectations largely due to being fed up with Star Wars in general, but I had fun.

As always with every new Star Wars film we've had since Disney's acquisition, I hate having to avoid the internet and social media until I've seen the film but now enjoying being free to go on Twitter and unmute terms, read reviews and watch/listen to podcasts on Youtube just to see what other people think.

Love to know what people here think but if we can all be spoiler-free for the foreseeable future for those who have yet to see it, that would be great.
I thoroughly enjoyed it, much moreso than The Last Jedi. There were a few bits, mainly fan-servicing, I would personally have changed (or omitted) but generally a satisfying end to the saga.
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