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Originally Posted by Captain_jovi View Post
Yeah but who are we to say what does or doesn't make a fan? If you get enjoyment out of it, you're a fan regardless of what era. Gatekeeping won't fix the problem. If anything fresh blood is sorely needed.
That's not what im saying. I'm just making the point that they have managed to find and release the most uninteresting material in their entire vault.

As far as "fresh blood" goes. It's not going to happen. These past 10 years have not been able to captured a newer generation. Not totally Jon's fault per say. Sure his grey hair, lost voice and lack of his right hand guitarist contributed to it but music has changed so much that unless you're married to a Kardashion or found some reality star loop-hole, you're just not appealing to a younger generation.

However the hair, voice, and lack of guitarist have contributed to the loss of many casual fans. Jon's melancholy wine promotions have had as much excitement as Obie picking out shows to play on SirusXM.

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