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JBJ surprise appearance at Ultra Music Festival

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Old 03-28-2024, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by bonjovi_cro View Post
I'm not saying there are improvements, but we cannot possibly know from that "performance". He was unprepared, took a random mic and threw in a few phrases while kind of listening to stereo monitors behind the DJ.

Example that gives us knowledge where he is is that performance before Grammys. While shaky and not very good, there was a semblance of normal vocalist there for, e.g. Who Says. In other words, he wasn't in utter pain and discomfort as in 2022, that was horrendous. Can he become better and get stamina for not just whole concert, but a whole tour, one can hope

During the musicares Jon did a good Job and he seamed really happy that night.

Now every little improvement it's welcome and recently he seems in a good mood and sometimes also in "Cool guy mode", more than previous years.
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