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Originally Posted by Ton Bon Jovi
Hell of a great song! Best from the box set so far!!
My my my my my my my. I just got around to really giving this a listen today..I know I'm late. I'm taking my time on listening to these songs...really want to preserve the real enjoyment for the actual box set for when it's in my hands.

Why Aren't You Dead made me laugh.

Radio Saved My Life touched me...though it seemed restrained

Open All Night is gonna be reverbrating through my head and soul all night now. It's definately the winner so far for me. The These Days era creative vibe and performance level is all over this and it's right up there with the best of the best off that album. The title is owned by this song.
I said, all it's about is the boy checked out, he couldn't handle reality.
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