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On the HAND US dual disc it appears to be a DVD Audio layer. On the DVD side it says "Entire album in high resolution Dolby Surround Sound and stereo." It also says:48kHz/24 bit for DVD audio players. Believe me if it's DTS or 5.1 credit has to be given LOL.

The Slippery When Wet DVD side says:
High resolution 5.1 Surround and stereo for DVD Audio players
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and stereo for standard DVD players

In tiny print at the bottom of the Slippery DVD it says:
DVD Audio - Advanced Resolution Surround Sound 48 kHz/24 bit

So it looks as if the Slippery dual disc does have Dolby 5.1 but the HAND dual disc does not. They seem to interchange some terminology but nowhere on the Hand dual disc is 5.1 Dolby mentioned. The Japanese DVD does not even mention surround sound let alone Dolby 5.1.


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