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Aloha !

I give it a 6.

Like with any Bon Jovi song the production and vocals are stopping me from listening to this stuff. Somewhere there's a great song in there but it's just been recorded by the wrong artist. Despite all the studio tricks Jon still sounds out of breath and because he can't keep up it's almost as if they've recorded the vocals line for line. His breathing is off, at times he's still breathing out and then the next line starts and it makes it really hard to listen to, you're constantly wondering when he'll pass out and he does suck the life out of the verses, really. Add to that how the drums just don't fit the rest of the arrangement and you end up with this really weird miss mash of things.

The song is very catchy though, easily one of the catchiest stuff written in years but the words in the chorus are dreadful. Most of the verses are great but it's as if Jon just didn't know what to do with the melody in the chorus. "This ain't my prayer it's just a thought I'm wanting to send" is so bad it makes me want to skip the song. You can't sing along to it either.

As for the rest; Either the bass is horribly mixed or it's just someone putting a really simplistic bassline there because it needs to have some bass notes. There's no melody in the bassline which is causing me to think it's not Hugh McDonald playing on this track. Drums could've been recorded by anyone, really and guitars are irrelevant. It's a sad thought a band who could once deliver any rock song with great passion now struggles to record a simplistic song like this. Most of the issues mentioned above won't be noticed by 99% of the audience still listening to new Bon Jovi songs though but what could be a fun little rock & roll songs now sounds like this robotic manufactured product with little soul in it.

Salaam Aleikum,

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