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Originally Posted by Eveline View Post
Isn't 'staying relevant' a big wink at the younger generations? Jon's been chasing fads and number one hits for years and all those efforts are made to grab a new audience. So what if a few bickering die-hards fall off? RDK - no one expects another perfect album but when 4 consecutive singles suck, you gotta wake up *and brush your teeth*.
Chasing new audience is possible but finding it is not. Young people do not want to listen to the bands that their grand parents did. Young people haven't been doing that for a hundred years since at least swing. Young people want to differentiate themselves from their parents. Rock and roll is dead, and so is hair metal, grunge and all that - and it is never coming back. It will be finally put to rest with us. There is demand for it, but it is from us. Old people. And yes, I know there are exceptions and everyone loves it when their kid is excited seeing their dad's favourite band - but ultimately he will still stream a song by Pop Smoke. And by the way. Rap is due as well. It has been here for so long that it will be quite dead by the end of the decade.

Trying to find a new audience might be possible when the artist is 30. It is not possible when you are old and out of ideas and half assing it. Upgrading the sound of hair metal to 2020 will do nothing but alienate the people that do stream such material these days. The same people that bought the records in the 80's.

The whole finding new audience and staying relevant is a big joke.
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