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Originally Posted by dcj28 View Post
The Roulette thing surprises me because I used to have a recording of both KISS' s and Bon Jovi from the Ipswich show.
I only have the Bon Jovi show. Most notable difference is the Richie's counting "one, two, three, four" which he does not do at the Ipswich show for some reason. Another is that we can hear Jon saying "This is for you guys, it is called Roulette" and the song starts immediately. There is some audience noise before it on the SE.

Originally Posted by twinfan View Post
I think you will run yourself ragged trying to figure out the EXACT show for every performance. It's kinda interesting having the mystery.
I'm information hunter

I'm just pissed off that they dare to say the songs are from eg SWW albums and put there a recording 22 later.

Originally Posted by twinfan View Post
This has been established multiple times. It's either that, or the intro on the song was edited out of the video. I thought it was cool to hear how the song originated. It is one of my favorites off of that album, but I'm one of the black sheep who love most of the album.
It is definitely one of the better songs on Bounce. Unfortunately it is too overproduced and too dependent on the loops and samples. Ehm sampled second guitar is not a good thing.
"If you got a dream, no matter what anybody tells you, if you think that you’ve got to go for it, then you should go for it, because you’ve got one life. And the next time somebody tells you: ‘You can’t do that’ you can tell them to screw themselves, because it’s your life and you do what the hell you want with it. So this is a song about having a dream and chasing it, till you find the Bright Lights." - Aldo Nova.
Aldo Nova - Bright Lights
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