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After visiting both Walmart and Best Buy this evening, here's what I've discovered.

The Walmart CDs are in jewel cases and are priced at $9.00. This doesn't seem to be a sale price, since the price stickers list that price. They do NOT include the reproduced backstage passes. I bought Fahrenheit, but the store I went to had most of them.

The Best Buy CDs are in digipacks and are marked $13.99 but are on sale for $9.99 right now. They include the backstage passes. I bought SWW which was the only one that I found at the store I visited.

Neither store had KTF or NJ which were 2 that I thought I might buy today.

I got registered for the vault, signed in and validated the 2 CDs. Each CD unlocked only that portion of the vault that corresponds to that CD. An additional live track from each CD was available for streaming, but I can't buy the tracks until May 18. Silent Night is the track from Fahrenheit, and Raise Your Hands is the SWW track. Validating each CD also loaded photos from that timeframe into a gallery in the vault.
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