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Originally Posted by Bounce7800 View Post
Very much looking forward to a proper Richie solo album and hopefully a tour as well would be nice in the vein of the AOTL tour
The only thing I'd like to see him do 'in the vein of the AOTL tour' is to schedule shows in NY, Philly, Toronto, and SF so he can honor tickets bought for the cancelled 2012 shows. If ticket sales were so dire, it couldn't be that many tickets; and surely the fans who were disappointed by the cancellations have held onto their tickets at least as tightly as they have held onto their resentment for 6 years. Maybe that would allow them to stop seeing everything he does, now and forever more, through the filter of that lens, and finally let that bitch rest in peace.

(Oh, and just in case he really was sick, if he could manage to whisper and cough through any AOTL songs he sings, so much the better!)

EDIT: Thought I'd go ahead and bring it up before somebody else did; but it looks like somebody beat me to it.
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