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Aloha !

Originally Posted by nikos greece View Post
Happy with the news!! Bob Rock may be the ideal guy for this project...A producer who pushes the artist to reach his potential and also a guy who saw Richie in his prime so he knows he can deliver.
i havent followed bob rocks projects after st anger but producing is a talent that i assume doesnt go away, so really happy these guys got together again. there is a story from bob rock that he was called to produce stranger in this town, initially accepted, but a later decided to let down Richie who was a friend and take a shot with metallica...and black album happened..
Richie imo is a truly talented guy who likes to contribute, his role in Bj was ideal to showcase his skills, his chops etc. Richie wants to prove himself again, wants to be active, want to prove other people wrong and in a way maybe thats the best way for him to move forward. If Richie & jon work again in the future it would be nice to happen in a new ground, with everyone standing tall.
Bob Rock produced that garbage from RSO as well. And... away flies all hope.

Salaam Aleikum,
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