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Originally Posted by YOVANAfromPeru View Post
My point is that the only CPA in that video is Larry Richter and I don't think bjcrazycpa works for BJ, that's all -_- bye...
Just because Richter is the only CPA in the video doesn't mean that he's the only accountant that works for BJ or BJM. But that's beside the point anyway. I don't think Deb said (or implied) that she worked with any of the people in the video. That's RDK's interpretation. She just said that she's known some of them for years.

Even so, it's still not beyond the realm of possibility that she may have worked with some of them on their personal finances. Just because they work for BJ doesn't mean the BJ accountants would have anything to do with an employee's personal accounting. I don't understand why that would be such a reach.

But it's none of my business, anyway. I jumped in on impulse because it seemed like you were casting doubt on her statement without any reason to. Sorry if I misinterpreted what you said.
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